Location Guide: Morning Sessions

San Diego & its surrounding areas are full of so many gorgeous options to use as a backdrop for your photos. I want to make sure we find a landscape that speaks to you & your family! I typically schedule my sessions within 60 minutes of sunset to get that soft light and golden glow. However, I do understand that some families may prefer a morning session. I am able to find the best light in any situation, but do have some suggestion locations for sessions scheduled outside of sunrise or sunset. When it’s broad daylight and the shadows are harsh, I will photograph you and your family in open shade. It won’t have that magical backlight or golden glow, but the lighting will be even and soft…which is the most important.Below are a few options that I've found work best for morning sessions!

Things to keep in mind when choosing a location:

-Many factors come into play when choosing a location. Some beaches are simply inaccessible at high tide. Light also plays a huge role in what makes a location magical. Areas that don't have a lot of open shade will. leave us more limited as far as which direction we can shoot. I tend to shoot in spots more off the beaten trail as I find it's easier for my clients to relax and enjoy their session when they aren't surrounded by crowds. All of the locations within this document are places I have shot before so I know the ins and outs of each spot!

-I often tell my clients to choose a location that speaks to them. If you & your family don't love the beach, let's go inland instead! If you guys love adventure, lets go to the top of a mountain! I have spent so much time scouting out amazing locations around San Diego so that there are plenty for you to choose from.

- Your session will last around 60 minutes. Due to logistics and time constraints, we will only be able to do one location for your shoot.

- Remember to make your wardrobe match the scenery. If we're doing a more urban shoot, dressing fancier would look great but if we're out in the mountains, formal attire may not make sense there. I'm happy to help with any wardrobe questions!

Presidio Park - Old Town San Diego

This is near the beautiful Junipero Serra Museum. The museum provides a beautiful backdrop with its arched columns, and iconic wooden doors. The surrounding areas have beautiful greenery and historic adobe brick floors.

Balboa Park- San Diego

Balboa Park offers so many options- from the beautiful gardens, to the jaw-dropping architecture including beautiful archways, classic wooden doors, and water features. There are so many beautiful areas all within walking distance!

Los Penasquitos Ranch House: Rancho Penasquitos

The ranch house is a historic ranch house located inside of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. Besides the beautiful adobe house with wrap-around porch, the property is surrounded by willow trees, a large water feature, and an open preserve. This location is perfect for morning sessions since it has a few areas with open shade.

Old Poway Park: Poway

This location is perfect for morning sessions! Full of lots of magical little spots including rustic wooden fences, whimsical bridges, and plenty of greenery and foliage.

Crystal Pier: Pacific Beach

This beach location has a beautiful large pier and cottages. Depending on the sunlight, we will need to mostly stay under the pier since any beach photos will have harsh light unless it's an overcast day.

Scripps Pier and UCSD Campus: La Jolla

Scripps Pier provides some shade during the morning. The surrounding campus also provides a few pretty spots with open shade. Please keep in mind that depending on the sunlight we might have to stick with mostly pier and campus shots if choosing this location since bach photos will have harsh light unless it's an overcast day.