Hello and thank you so much for stopping by. How many times have you heard the phrase, "The days are long, but the years are short"? When my daughter was born, I would hear it so often that my polite nod would at times start to waver and turn into a grimace. Like most statements though, it is only in hindsight that we tend to realize their true magnitude.

As parents, our days are so busy with what feels like a never ending to-do list. So often, we get so caught up in the things that must get done that we forget to stop, slow down, and be truly present in this stage of life. It is only once a moment is gone that we look back- longing to relive it and to relish in this beautiful chaos that we call life. As a mom of two, loving wife, and full-time business owner, I am no exception.

This is the reason I am so passionate about photographing families just as they are- in this exact moment of their life. More than anyone, I know how quickly life changes and that once those moment are gone, they never return. I strive to capture not only those wonderful portraits that will hang on your walls, but also all of the in-between moments at sessions. I live for the laughter, the loving gazes, and the tender touches.



 Brisa is not only a photographer who spends her time capturing families, maternity sessions, and love stories in the San Diego area but is also a mother of two, loving wife to her best friend, book aficionado, potterhead, and an adventurer at heart (I like to joke that every session includes a free guided nature walk!).

Brisa's photography has been featured on various esteemed international photography blogs and communities. Her work has also been published in a variety of photography magazines, including "Exposed Magazine" and "The Ardent Lens".


Johnson Family

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"We had such an amazing experience with Bri. Not only are her photos amazing but she has such an amazing heart and is great with kids. She is patient and waits for the kiddos to cooperate. We have taken many photos but have never been able to get both my kids to smile at the same time. Bri pulled it off and the photos are phenomenal. I highly recommend Bri to anyone and everyone. She is the best, hands down"

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