Location Guide

San Diego & its surrounding areas are full of so many gorgeous options to use as a backdrop for your photos. We are so lucky to have the option of the beach, mountains or luscious fields. The options are endless so I want to make sure we find a landscape that speaks to you & your family!

Things to keep in mind when choosing a location:

-Many factors come into play when choosing a location. Some beaches are simply inaccessible at high tide. Likewise, some mountain locations require an earlier start time due to the sun going behind the hills early. Light also plays a huge role in what makes a location magical. I tend to shoot in spots more off the beaten trail as I find it's easier for my clients to relax and enjoy their session when they aren't surrounded by crowds. All of the locations within this document are places I have shot before so I know the ins and outs of each spot!

-I often tell my clients to choose a location that speaks to them. If you & your family don't love the beach, let's go inland instead! If you guys love adventure, lets go to the top of a mountain! I have spent so much time scouting out amazing locations around San Diego so that there are plenty for you to choose from.

- Your session only lasts until the sun sets to ensure the best light Since most of these locations are very far apart from one another, we will only be able to do one location for your shoot.

- Remember to make your wardrobe match the scenery. If we're doing a more urban shoot, dressing fancier would look great but if we're out in the mountains, formal attire may not make sense there. I'm happy to help with any wardrobe questions!

Presidio Park - Old Town San Diego

This is near the beautiful Junipero Serra Museum. The museum provides a beautiful backdrop with its arched columns, and iconic wooden doors. My favorite place to shoot at though is the area adjacent to the museum. Its large and open with lots of trees, and gorgeous golden light streaming through. 

Marian Bear Memorial Park- Clairemont

This location is beautiful! It has winding trails, along with lots of different kinds of trees, and plenty of foliage with beautiful fall colors (lots of greens, oranges, and yellows!). It's located in the Clairemont area. 

Wright's Field - Alpine

I love this field because it's so beautiful and versatile. The light here is incredible and the hills in the distance offer such a gorgeous backdrop. It also has plenty of open field, lots of trees, and large boulders that we can shoot in front ot (or climb on!). 

Mission Trails - Santee

This is an easily accessible spot that is centrally located to most areas in San Diego. This spot is wide open with lots of room to shoot and the sun sets behind the hills and gives a beautiful glow. This spot is green in early spring, and drier looking in the summer and fall. Things to keep in mind: parking can be a bit tricky here, please make sure to get specific directions from me for parking. There are also multiple access points to mission trails & this is a lesser known one so let's make sure we're on the same page as far as our meeting point!

Los Penasquitos Canyon - Rancho Penasquitos

This is another beautiful location, which offers sections of year round greenery, as well as golden fields. It has a few different trails which provide lots of great options for scenery. Things to keep in mind with this location are that a lot of the trails do get closed after heavy rain.

Balboa Park- San Diego

Balboa Park offers so many options- from the beautiful gardens (including a rose garden, botanical center, and a cactus garden), to the jaw-dropping architecture including beautiful archways, classic wooden doors, and even the bright, and colorful spanish village. We can completely customize your session to include a few of your favorites!

Windandsea Beach - La Jolla

This is one of my favorite beaches to do sessions at! Besides the beautiful sand and waves, it also features some really neat rock formations and cliffs to add variety to your images. Please keep in mind that this beach is not accessible when the tide is higher than 5 feet.

Secret Beach - La Jolla

This beach is near Windandsea, but features more natural rocks and is a bit more secluded. Please keep in mind that this beach is not accessible when the tide is higher than 3 feet.

Scripps Pier- La Jolla

This is another beautiful beach location! Sand and crashing waves, rocky cliffsides, and the showstopper- the iconic Scripps pier!

Centennial Park - Coronado

This park features lush greenery, along with views of the San Diego city skyline and the Coronado bridge. Although the sun sets on the other side of the skyline, you can still get some rays of golden light in the distance, and if we are lucky- gorgeous colors after sunset.

Sunset Cliffs- Ocean Beach

True to it’s name, Sunset Cliffs is one of the best spots to watch the sunset! It is also a huge area along the cliffs, making it easy to find a semi-private and intimate spot. Please note that an early arrival is recommended as parking can be difficult to find.

South Mission Beach

Located south of Belmont Park, this beach offers a beautiful grove of trees at the entrance, which allows the sun to stream through when it's still high up in the sky. It also offers a grove of palm trees, and plenty of open shade. The soft sand, rock pier, and lifeguard towers along the beach make for some great backdrops as well.

Coronado Beach: Coronado

Coronado is a beautiful beach and easily accessible during all tide levels. Although this beach is mostly just sand and water, there are also small "sand dunes" made up of succulents which make for an interesting change of landscape.

Ramona Grasslands: Ramona

The Ramona Grasslands are located out east of San Diego in the Ramona area. There is a large oak tree surrounded by boulders where the light filters through which is the perfect place to start. The large golden fields look beautiful in any season and the large open areas allow for lots of movement. Mountains and Trees make the perfect backdrop.

Los Penasquitos Ranch House: Rancho Penasquitos

The ranch house is a historic ranch house located inside of Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. Besides the beautiful adobe house with wrap-around porch, the property is surrounded by willow trees, a large water feature, and an open preserve.

Iron Mountain: Poway

This area features a beautiful archway made up of trees, and also has large open fields with mountains in the background.